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Shop Cash Box Pro

3.99 usd

ShopCashBox is your own personal Cash Machine!
Become an entrepreneur, own your own ShopCashBox.

You control the sale, you get the credit, you don’t share with any website.

This is Premier App shopping, A Revolution in Micro Business.
• No middle man
• No building a website, we’ve done it for you!
• No going through 100’s of garage sale items
• No wasting time making offers, that falls through
• No hassle

ShopCashBox is easy to use.

Shop Cash Box is a unique way of buying and selling your items to your friends and family or the world. Everyone can be an entrepreneur.
To buy or not buy… that is the question.

No more going to the stores to look for an item. Ask your friends if they have what you are looking for, and if they do, upload that item using Shop Cash Box so you can buy it. Post an item public for anyone to buy, or private directly to a friend. Making each other rich!
Thinking of selling something? Download Shop Cash Box.